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Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.

As we approach a vote on the UK's membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.

So tell me, what is it, that fascinates you guys about what muscular women have on their feet?

Obviously heels can be sexy as hell, especially the proverbial f’ me pumps.

Heather sported an all-black look including puffer jacket, leggings, Nike trainers, and large designer shades.

The Elite Ortho Sport Physical Therapy founder wore her blonde locks up in a ponytail which showed off her natural looks.

Arnold and his longtime girlfriend hopped on two seafoam green bikes as they had themselves a joyride through the global capital of fashion and design.

Meanwhile, 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines couldn't help but revisit the line.Maria and Arnold have four children together: Katherine, 27, Christina, 26, Patrick, 24, and Christopher, 20.Since Maria filed, she has seemed to be on good terms with Arnold.Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991 "Hasta la vista, baby" Lifted from American singer Jody Watley's 1987 hit song Looking for a New Love, this quote – Spanish for "see you later" – became yet another indelible moment from the Terminator series.Would go on to grace innumerable 1990s answerphone messages across the pond. Here's a couple of acres" By the 1990s, Schwarzenegger's acting roles had come full circle, from humourless mechanical action leads to good-natured caricatures – of humourless mechanical action leads. " Joel Schumacher's second crack at Batman for the big screen has been widely derided for its camped up approach.

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