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Therein lies a huge flaw that runs through Roth''s cinematic rendering of Alexander Stuart''s successful yet controversial 1989 novel about incest.

Obviously if Roth''s primary goal is to send child abusers into repentance, his objective is something different than making a great movie: Roth is attempting to devise a weapon to somehow punish abusers.

As Tom begins to discover clandestine sexual activities between Jessie and their father he confronts her with his knowledge.

The follow-up to Lynch’s cult TV show, which launched in 1990, was plagued with controversy last year when Lynch left and then re-attached himself to the project.

While filmmakers and producer have stayed tight-lipped about the details, filming is already thought to be complete.

With this kind of agenda, the best Roth could hope for is that incest criminals would be so repulsed by their mirror image as reflected by Ray Winstone''s (Nil By Mouth) performance as a father who sexually molests his 18-year-old daughter, that they will run out and commit suicide.

While is affecting for its brave performances and cloaked depiction of a father''s warped psychology which permits him to deny his crimes even to himself, the movie sits as an uncomfortable pedestal from which to initiate Roth''s directorial career.

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Belmont is mesmerizing on screen and one can only hope that her natural talent will find its way to experienced directors.

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