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Invite your friend inside in this Talking Tom hand doctor game and start treating his injured paw as soon as possible.Follow the instructions for a nice experience, as they will guide you every st...Rapunzel tried to escape the tower she was kept in to find true love. He can barely breathe because of all those germs, get rid of them and start disinfecting those wounds. Help her get better fast by applying the correct treatments.Unfortunately she didn't knew how tall the building was and she fell of the last meters until the ground. Cleopatra is the most beautiful princess all over antient Egypt. Get rid of all those nasty germs, clean up the wounds and the princess w... Violetta is in the ambulance because she is pregnant and she does not feel too good.

Everyone goes to Nurse Nadia to cure their illnesses and solve their problems.

There was a small accident at the castle and Princess Sofia needs medical assistance.

You are the doctor that will help Sofia heal her head injury.

Are you concerned about having an epileptic seizure?

Well, you can save the lives of every person that comes up to the hospital looking for relief from the disease that's been plaguing their lives... Check his heartbeat , Check for broken bones and much more. Little Sofia hurt herself really bad when she fell in the bushes and now you have to take her to the hospital.

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