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T was gracious enough to supply us with several drinks (on the house, of course), introduced us to his roommate (a Mr.

) before heading over to a gay bar where D's 22-year old cousin, T, was bartending.

He paid an cover for each of us to walk in, use the restroom, and leave.

Well, that wasn't exactly his intention, but with all the talk about his previous night's events, T had a hankering for narcotics and had arranged with his dealer to meet him somewhere else. (Yes, might have been the most I have ever spent to take a piss.) "On our way to this "somewhere else," I thought it necessary for another costume change.

Dude, how embarassing.) Every narration normally begins with "So the night started off innocently enough..." As the tale unfolds, the level of hijinks and hilarity escalates, usually proportionate to the number of alcohol units consumed.

I am in narrations involve the actual act of ingesting alcoholic beverages.

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