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Psalm seems to be an exception, but this verse was probably an early editorial addition, referring to the preceding collection of Davidic psalms, of which Psalm 72 was the last.However, some of the titles of the individual psalms do contain information about the writers.Gunkel concluded that most of the psalms were postexilic.Many scholars have followed this form critical approach in their study of the Psalms as well as in other portions of the Old Testament.The writer of most of the first 72 psalms (Books 1 and 2 of our modern editions) was David. In synthetic parallelism, the second line explains or expands the thought expressed in the first line (e.g., 1:1; 19:7-9; Prov. When the second line completes the thought of the first line, we have climactic parallelism (e.g., 29:1; 96:7).Editors may have added those by Asaph and Korah's descendants (Pss. Seventeen psalms after Psalm 72 claim that David wrote them. In emblematic parallelism, the first line contains a figure of speech, and the following lines expand or explain the figure (e.g., 1:3).

Other less common types they called psalms of confidence, psalms of remembrance, wisdom psalms, and kingship psalmswhich they further divided into psalms that extol God as king, and psalms that extol the ruler of Israel as king.The hymn was written in such a way that it allows all who sing it to identify with it." The one by Moses was composed considerably earlier and a few may have been written later, but probably not much later, than 450 B. There is some internal evidence in the Book of Psalms that the Jews collected the individual psalms and compiled them into groups in various stages and that this process took many years. "Of all the books in the Old Testament the Book of Psalms most vividly represents the faith of individuals in the Lord.We would expect this because some psalms date hundreds of years after others. 2932), one of Judah's best kings and one who led his people in returning to Scripture, may have added to and organized part of the Psalter (cf. The Psalms are the inspired responses of human hearts to God's revelation of Himself in law, history, and prophecy. "Parallelism is almost always present in poetry, but it is also a linguistic ornament that is occasionally found in prose contexts. "Terseness, parallelism, and imagery are the most common characteristics of Hebrew poetry.More recent scholars of the form critical school include Mowinckel, Eissfeldt, Bentzen, Engnell, Oesterley, Robinson, Leslie, Westermann, and Gerstenberger.Sigmund Mowinckel followed Gunkel but took a more radical approach and proposed that virtually all of the psalms were composed for liturgical or cultic purposes.

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