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These will be reflected in each property’s rate bill.

The analysed level of value is then applied to individual properties throughout the municipality.Council is required to value each property every two years taking market set price movements (ie. The most recent valuation being as at 1st January 2016.Information about a property’s value is included on the rate notice issued by the council. These standards have improved property data collection on a consistent basis throughout the State, including the use of computer assisted valuation methods.Land size, location, building value, plus the added value of a garage, garden, driveway and other improvements are also taken into consideration to determine the Capital Improved Value.Valuation for rating purposes has become a continuous improvement process, where the valuers continually review data and the uniformity and accuracy of their models via statistical analysis.

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Consistency throughout Victoria means improvements in relation to market values, rate modelling, and a statewide picture of property values.

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