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My mother had always been a tense overprotective, so it surprised me that she never sent me a letter or called for almost two months. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she had fallen in love...Sophie, a young 22 year old, feels stuck in a rut and reaches out to her older long lost brother Danny for an escape. Not only does she finally meet Danny, but she finally meets just the right man: Kevin...

Shania Twain wonders about where her man's been spending his free time in this doo-wop song from her second album. Cheating Song Lyric: "Whose bed have your boots been under? Cheating Song Lyric: "We'll taste the thrill of stolen love tonight, until the dawning.Cheating Song Lyric: "They say you wrecked my home, I'm a husband that's gone wrong.They don't know the sorrow that we've had to bear."Listen A heartbroken friend needs a shoulder to cry on.This is a fictional story about Mike who has a fiancee and Beth who meet at his job and experience passion. Today, I have become his private whore and a slut to his clients.Mike will soon discover her secret and the best ... WARNING: This is long before it actually gets to the sex. And the best part is I sleep with my husband's clients to take his business away to his arch rival... Apparently, she had forgotten that she was several time zones ahead of me.

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Cheating Song Lyric: My mama didn't raise any fools. But honey, I'm not dumb and I'm not blind."Listen She's had enough with his lowdown cheating ways. Take it from John Anderson's humorous "She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs."Cheating Song Lyric: "She just started liking cheatin' songs, and what's bothering me: I'm not sure if it's the cheatin' she likes . He could see through a woman's heart like a glass half-full with water.

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